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Can I reserve the motorcycle or a tour by the phone?

Sorry, you must submit the reservation form online.

Can I just walk to the warehouse and rent with out reservation?

Sure! But we can not guarantee any motorcycle availability. Please give us a call before.

Do I need a motorcycle license to rent motorcycles or scooters?

Yes, in California you must have a motorcycle endorsement (M1) to ride.

I like to go off-road, it is possible?

Yes but...We only allowed the 650’s to go on easy gravel and maintained roads (no single tracks or hard stuff) the liability insurance DO NOT COVER accidents, ANY damages will come from your damage deposit. If any parts come out from the motorcycle due the vibrations or bumps, you still reliable for that.

It is possible to go ride in Baja California MX?

Yes, with the same off road restrictions, you must inform us in advance,  a Mexican insurance,  rental authorization and cleaning fee will be add to the rental cost.

What happens if I have a flat tire?

Unfortunately flat tires can happen anywhere, you are responsible for the cost of the tire replacement, tube and labor, you must have your own motorcycle recovery like a AAA, AMA, BMW MOA or others. For your protection the service must be performed by a motorcycle shop or authorized dealer.

What happens if the motorcycle breaks down?

You must tow to the next available motorcycle shop or return to us. The motorcycle will be inspect and repaired at no charge to you, provided the mechanical failure was not due to rider error, negligence or abuse.  

Can you tell where to go?

Yes, we can tell you the nicest places to visit around, or you can chose one of the self-guide routes we have

If we rent two motorcycles, can we switch bikes during the trip?

Yes, you can change and try the different model.

Do you charge for passengers?

No, you can have a passenger with you.

Frequent asked questions