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Camping with 360 Motorcycle Adventures is a unique experience. You will be provided with the best gear available plus tasty, nutritious meals and snacks to make your commune with nature extraordinary comfortable. The support vehicle bring all the gear and we do the entire set up. Tents, air pads, sleeping bags ready inside the tents, everything ready before you get there.

Fun with out compromise comfortable.

What it is include in our camping set up?   

     •     Single or two person high quality tent

     •     Therm-a-rest air mattress, 2.5” thick, super light, compact and comfortable

     •     Synthetic sleeping bag 20Fº

     •     Air pillow, ultra compact

     •     Water proof roll bag to keep all your clothes

     •     70L duffel bag per rider

     •     All the kitchen utilities

     •     Portable shower


What kind food it’s include in your ride and overnight camping?

     •      Riding: Energy bars, roasted and salted almonds, peanuts, cashews nuts, turkey jerky, trail mix,     

     sandwiches, gatorade, water  

     •      Dinner: Ready to heat, lentils with red beans and spices, Mountain House freeze dried

      choices of: Chicken Teriyaki, Beef Stroganoff, Lasagna with Meat Sauce or Beef Stew served with mash     

      potatoes and dried tomatoes. Fresh spinach salad, tomatoes and bell peppersDrinks: Wine and beer.

     •      Breakfast: Brazilian coffee, oat meal flavored, banana, oranges, papaya and yogurt. Eggs with flour tortilla    

      with Mexican sauce and avocado.  

     •      This food combination was tested and approved from many adventure riders,

     •      Please check if you have any allergies related to the food above,

     •      Any other food purchase during the tour must be paid on your own,

     •      If you have any special food requests, must inform us at list one week in advance.