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Baja California 4 Days Adventure Tour

The new Baja California Adventure Tour was specific designed for large ADV motorcycles, it's a mixture of on and off-road, easy to intermediate skill level. From sea level to mountain pass, to wine country region to the famous Mike’s Sky Ranch. You will have a little bit of everything in this tour and a variety of terrains, have you ever rode along the coast watching the ocean? or saw a shipwreck? Here is your chance, you will get a taste of Baja California and understand why this place is so recommended for adventure riders.

                            Tour Highlights

* Tour Type: Adventure, Gravel, Dirt, Sand

* Difficulty: Easy to Moderate

* 670 mi - 1072 km

* Time: 4 Days

* Season: October to May

                      Tour Includes

Professional Guide (Spanish speaker)

Lodge, Breakfast and Dinner

Fuel in Baja


Spot Satellite Tracker Route Sharing

Chase Vehicle

Photo & Video Gallery View

                      Tour Excludes

Motorcycle Rental


Lunch or Extra Food



Travel Insurance


* Passport

* Valid motorcycle license and Mexican insurance

* Min of 1 year off-road riding experience

* Basic to Intermediate off-road skills

* Min of 6 and max of 12 riders per group

* Check Terms & Conditions          

                           Tour Description

Day 1: San Diego to Erendira (200 miles)

(100 miles road - 100 miles gravel)

Let's get out of town and exit the US via Tecate and let's the adventure began.  Beautiful Souther California roads it's in our way and amazing scenery gravel roads will lead us all the way to the Pacific,  Baja sunset and dinner will be waiting, let's relax and get ready for the next day adventure.

Day 2: Erendira to San Quintin (160 miles)

(85 miles road - 75 miles gravel)

This is a fulfill day with adventures, crossing the beautiful Baja landscapes, from fish villages to the mountains, today's ride it's a little more technical along the coast in a variety of terrain and amazing views, which invites you to take a lot pictures.

Day 3: San Quintin to Mike's Sky Ranch (155 miles)

(63 miles road - 92 miles gravel)

Today we ride to famous Mike's Sky Ranch, the legendary Baja 1000 and 500 check point for many years, and now a destination for riders and 4x4 enthusiasts, where you might have a chance to meet riders from around the world and desert racers, don't forget to check the crazy buggy cars parked in front.

Day 4: Mike's Sky Ranch to San Diego (205 miles)

(108 miles road - 97 miles gravel)

After the delicious Mexican breakfast it's time to ride back home, another fun day crossing the Baja  mountains and valleys through the Constitucion National Park, a quick stop in Tecate the last taco and to buy little "regalitos" for friends and family before back to US. Time to say goodbye to your new friends and think about the next trip to Baja!

Tour Prices

          Share Room     

          U$ 1,250.00

           Own Room     

           U$ 1,480.00

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* Motorcycle rentals are NOT included in the tour price

* Own motorcycles are welcome

* Private group tours are available upon request

* Prices are subject to change without a notice

Ente* Passport

* Valid motorcycle license and Mexican insurance

* Min of 1 year riding experience

* Min of 4 and max of 7 riders per group

* Check Terms & Conditions   r