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                               Tour Description

Day 0: Arrive in San Diego, we can ride together late afternoon to our hotel in Tecate or we can meet there for tour presentation and dinner, meet your guides, other riders and let's talk about every detail for the trip.

Day 1: Tecate to Mike's Sky Ranch (170 miles)

(75 miles road - 95 miles gravel)

This is a fulfill day with adventures, today's ride fun gravel roads in a variety of terrain to famous Mike's Sky Ranch, the legendary Baja 1000 and 500 check point for many years, and now a destination for riders and 4x4 enthusiasts, where you might have a chance to meet riders from around the world and desert racers, don't forget to check the crazy buggy cars parked in front.

Day 2: Mike's to Bahia de Los Angeles (297 miles)

(270 miles road - 25 miles gravel)

In order to have more fun in the off-road, we must do a "push day". Today we are going to eat the rubber in the old and new pavement along the Sea of Cortez, passing San Felipe up to the under construction road to Coco's Corner and shooting South to Bahia, where the blue ocean will welcome us for a well deserved resting.

Day 3: Bahia de Los Angeles to San Ignacio (205 miles)

(73 miles road - 132 miles gravel)

This is one of the tour high lights, we cross half Baja Peninsula in the middle of no where, today we put in test your gravel and sand skills, also it's the gravel iron but of this trip, 132 miles on gravel, we stop San Ignacio a cultural rich and very interesting little town.

Day 4: San Ignacio to Ciudad Insurgentes (200 miles)

(112 miles road - 90 miles gravel)

Nice ride today across the desert landscape lead us to San Ignacio Lagoon, a protect area where the whales come to give birth to their calves, after that, a long fun gravel stretch passing some fishing villages, now enjoy the asphalt a perfect line to Ciudad Insurgentes where we rest for the day.

Day 5: Ciudad Insurgentes to La Paz (190 miles)

(65 miles road - 125 miles gravel)

This is another highlight of the tour, a fun adventure to the otherside the peninsula, you will have the feeling you are in the middle of no where, surrounded by valleys and a lot gravel to conquest and new friends. La Paz is the capital of Baja California, beautiful city and the largest one in the Gulf of California.

Day 6: La Paz to Cabo San Lucas (160 miles)

(65 miles road - 95 miles gravel)

This is the final push to Cabo, a popular resort town and according to the locals a hiding place for the pirates in the 16th century. This is one of the nicest and relax gravel day, passing Los Barriles and riding to the extreme south east of the peninsula watching the ocean close by from our saddles. You did it! We are in Cabo do celebrate half way of our adventure tour.

Day 7: Rest Day in Cabo San Lucas

Take your time, wake up slow, relax, we are half way in our journey, maybe go shooping, discover new places and restaurants, we can also take a 1:00 hour boat tour to the famous El Arco (Arch of Cabo San Lucas)

Day 8: Cabo San Lucas to La Paz (140 miles)

(33 miles road - 108 miles gravel)

Time to start going back, beatiful and fun day, mostly in the gravel, we ride a long the side of the Sierra de la Laguna mountain range, cross some long bed rivers, we will find some lost villages and churches in the middle of the sierra.

Day 9: La Paz to Mulege (315 miles)

(265 miles road - 50 miles gravel)

Today we have to push some crazy miles, but an easy twisted gravel inside the valley it's in our way to add some fun and beautiful views from the desert where we stop in Mulege for our deserved relax.

Day 10: Mulege to Guerrero Negro (235 miles)

(170 miles road - 65 miles gravel)

Beautifil riding crossing East to West, with a nice view of the Vulcan Las Tres Virgenes and some nice twists  up to the mountains. We ride in a very distinct place, where usually riders or other companies don't go. Kind of a secret way to Guerrero Negro then we enter the Reserva de La Biosfera El Vizcaino, a paradise for migration birds.

Day 11: Guerrero Negro to San Quintin (255 miles)

(240 miles road - 16 miles gravel)

Keep going north, today's ride it's in the very middle of the peninsula, we cross Baja South to Baja North section, quick stop in Catavina for lunch and check out the ancient paintings close to the road.

Day 12: San Quintin to Ensenada (140 miles)

(65 miles road - 75 miles gravel)

Today we ride a long the coast, let's check out pirate cove and the shipwreck (famous spot for surfing) cross some beautiful valleys and do some techical sections with outstanding views,if we have time we stop at La Buffadora (the largest blowhole in North America) walk around to meet the local vendors, here is the place to buy little souvenirs, the market it's a color full place and good street food.

Day 13: Ensenada to San Diego (150 miles)

(90 miles road - 60 miles gravel)

Last day of this amazing tour, let's take it easy, we ride back via Compadre's Trail, an easy and fun gravel road, finish before Tecate, where our tour ends, but we can ride back together to San Diego. Say adios to Baja bring the adventure spirit and the good memories back home, and we see you in our next tour.

Cabo San Lucas Adventure Motorcycle Tour

                                Tour Highlights

* Tour Type: Asphalt

* Difficulty: Easy

* 2460 miles - 3940 km

* Time: 13 Days/ 12 Nights

* Season: October to June

                          Tour Includes

Professional Guide

One Dinner and one Breakfast at Mike's

13 Nights Hotel or Lodge

Spot Satellite Tracker Route Sharing

Chase Vehicle, Spare Tools, Compressor

Photo & Video Gallery View

                          Tour Excludes

Motorcycle Rental


Dinner and Lunch


Travel Insurance



* Passport

* Valid motorcycle license and Mexican insurance

* Min of 1 year riding experience

* Min of 8 and max of 12 riders per group

* Check Terms & Conditions  

Tour Prices

          Share Room     

          U$ 2,339.00

           Own Room     

          U$ 3,089.00

* Motorcycle rentals are NOT included in the tour price

* Own motorcycles are welcome

* Private group tours are available upon request

* Prices are subject to change without a notice

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The Baja Califonia 13 Days ADV Tour it's what riders have been wating for a long time! A chance to really explore Baja in the right way, on and off-road with your ADV motorcycle, that's why you got one right? Miles and miles of gravel roads, dirt and some sand, we developed this tour to be one the best ADV tours you could experience and discover pretty much the entire Baja Peninsula. Are you ready for a real adventure?

* Motorcycle rentals are available for this tour through our rental partners, contact us to explore your options.

13 Days